About the Blog

iTunes, A to Z began as an experiment.  Born of an assignment for my Advanced Reporting course, this blog sought to represent my journey through the dark corners of my iTunes library, writing about every single album, in alphabetical order, one album a day, five days a week.  Sometimes, they were in-depth reviews; sometimes, they were single-paragraph insults about the music.  Maybe I didn’t have anything to say about an album and I’d have to just shove something into the post.

Sometimes it got more personal than that.

That was the weekday itinerary – the weekends are where the wild cards came in.  Weekend posts ignored the primary purpose of the blog and focus on something else – maybe a photo-based vinyl post.  Maybe a post about a music DVD.  Maybe a reprint of something I wrote somewhere else.

Now, anything goes, really.  Maybe three posts a week, maybe two, maybe seven.  The album will probably be whatever I feel like.  The evolution of the project, you know.  Something during the week and something on the weekend.  That’s all one can expect.

I’m doing this because I find the idea very interesting – there are albums that I haven’t faced in a long, long time, and maybe my opinion of them has shifted.  Maybe they conjure the exact same memories now that they did for me in middle school.

I have a last.fm account located here, so if you want spoilers, you’ll probably be able to tell what album is next based on my scrobbles.  Keep in mind, though, that I might write a post a day or so ahead of time, so if you really want to know what’s coming up, you have to keep an eye on it.

In addition, nearly every piece of physical music that I own is listed on my Discogs account, so if you want some idea of what the special posts may be covering, take a look.  Again, spoilers, but not guaranteed ones.

So that’s that.  An iTunes library, the long way around.  It’ll be fun.


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