About the Author

It's almost unbearable.

Look at this pretentious bastard.

Joel is a college graduate (holy shit), from the University of South Florida, having majored in Magazine Journalism, because making tons of money is overrated. He’s a legal aide, because using your degree in your professional life is also overrated.

One of his primary passions is music, which is why this blog exists.  He is what you might call a “gigantic prick” when it comes to musical tastes, and talking about music with him is a lot like playing Russian Roulette.

Vinyl and digital are his preferred mediums; if he has to buy a CD, he’ll do it, but he’ll try his best not to, because CDs are dead and digital is the future.  (Vinyl just looks cool.)

Joel’s other passions include writing fiction, watching wrestling, being mad at the Philadelphia Eagles, being mad at the Tampa Bay Rays, and having numerous existential crises.  He is also on Twitter, unfortunately.


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