Bet you didn’t expect yesterday’s post.

So, for anyone who’s been stumbling onto this blog for the past…let’s say five months, hello, I’m not dead, strictly speaking. It’s been a long time since I’ve even thought about this, honestly. But the news that LCD Soundsystem would be reuniting on a permanent basis, and a discussion I had about that reunion, inspired me to dust off the ol’ bloggy blog and crap out something about it.

Where’ve I been lately?  Around.  I graduated back in May and promptly found Zero job prospects.  So I just kind of wrung my hands, tried the blog out a little, failed at it, and ended up moving in with family for the time being.  The typical post-college season.  I told myself that it would only take about a month to get back on track, from August to September.  One month turned into two.  Two turned into four.  Then I was facing the prospect of “get a job or get out,” which is always a motivator, on some level.

Then, finally, something fell into my lap, out of sheer luck, predictably, and here I am, a legal aide.  A legal aide with a journalism degree.  You know how it goes.

But, of course, with a full time job comes…not much else.  Not time for much else, in any case.  I stepped away from Halftime because I knew I wouldn’t be able to schedule interviews during the week, since I’m at work during the day.  Most of my other freelance writing work has taken a backseat – a seat very far behind me, really.  That’s the reality of full-time work, you know?  There’s not much time for other work, particularly when you don’t even really have time to yourself until the late night.

Man, I can’t wait to live on my own again.

So, the blog.  I do want to get back to posting – flex my creative writing muscles rather than my legal writing ones – but I’m not going to say any schedule because I won’t be able to keep up anything I try to decide on.  I might not post for weeks at a time.  I probably won’t post for weeks at a time, actually.  If something strikes my fancy, or I get an inspiration, I’ll slap it out here, but nobody should expect much else beyond that for the next several months while I save up to buy a car and then – gasp! – an apartment.  Then…then we’ll re-evaluate my relationship with this blog.

It’s been a long, unsatisfying road since October, 2014.  The adult world is unforgiving and unbending – you’d better be damn sure you’re ready when you get there, because you get no slack.  I already know I’ll need to get a roommate to move into an apartment because of the assload of bills I’ll have to pay every month (thanks for nothing, FAFSA).  But it’s also an exciting, liberating time once you’re established and on your own.  The world is yours to do what you want in.

A brave new world, and I took the first step last month.  Here’s hoping I don’t fall on my face.


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