Demonstrate, by The Rosewood Fall


Released 2004

22 min, 53 sec

Demonstrate is a simple EP from a straightforward rock band.

Revolving around basic themes of companionship and working through strife, Demonstrate also shows off the band’s musical range, with hard-hitting, aggressive rock tracks like “The Game You Can’t Win” mixed in with quiet ballads like “Echoes” and the surprisingly ambitious “New York City Blackout.” It’s obviously not quite as expansive as Stereo Left/Right, but Demonstrate is a perfect introduction to The Rosewood Fall, as it should be.

“New York City Blackout” really is the standout here.  Written about, naturally, a blackout in NYC, the protagonist questions everything about himself and the relationships he has, reflecting on his own self-doubt, suggesting that he and his partner escape in the darkness, to get away from it all.  It’s really a beautifully composed song, one of the band’s best.

And, to be honest, that’s all there is to it. The problem with bands like The Rosewood Fall is that there’s very little context to their music outside of the music itself, and their career was so short and so out of the spotlight that outside commentary doesn’t really work. I would recommend pulling Demonstrate from The Complete Rosewood Fall collection I linked to on Friday and checking it out for yourself.


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