The Demo Collection, by The Rosewood Fall


Unofficial compilation

Recorded 2004-2005

The Rosewood Fall is one of those bands that never really managed to make an impact, despite everything they did to try and make it happen. Signed to Linkin Park’s Machine Shop Recordings label, the band only released a single EP in 2004 before a lack of success broke them up. As their swan song, they scraped together every song they’d worked on that was in a mostly-complete state, arranged them in a listenable fashion, and released them as the two-disc collection Stereo Left/Right. After that, they faded away, as each member went on to do different things with their careers.

I didn’t discover The Rosewood Fall until 2009, when the fan site Linkin Park Association, with the blessing of most of the band, released a comprehensive collection of the band’s music as a set of free downloads. Comprehensive, but not complete, as many of the demo tracks in the collection were orphaned from the sessions they came from, lost to time. The colelction was a bit of a mess in terms of putting together a release timeline, and the thread itself is lost in the LPA archives, full of dead links and bad info.

So that’s where I come in, I guess. In late 2012, I stumbled across the discussion thread for the band on fan site Linkin Park Live, a site I frequented at the time. I heard a few Rosewood Fall tracks and remembered liking the band, so I started looking around for ways to find that old archive of the band’s music from LPA. With the help of a few other interested members, I acquired the tracks, and, after realizing that I could do a service for the band myself, starting re-organizing and building a new archive, a new Rosewood Fall collection for fans.

The end result was The Complete Rosewood Fall, designed to be a clean set of files, with duplicates deleted, and extra songs discovered after the original LPA file dump, as well as album art and liner notes previously lost to time. With the revisions to the archive that came throughout the rest of the year, I’m quite proud of it. We even got contributions from the lead singer himself. It’s a pretty cool deal, if I do say so myself.

This album – The Demo Collection – is compiled from the wide variety of demo tracks that The Rosewood Fall recorded between Demonstrate and Stereo Left/Right. Most of these tracks were retained in the collection because of significant differences compared to their Stereo Left/Right versions – for instance, “A Beginning to an Ending” being a full-band track as opposed to acoustic. Several of the other demos had differences in vocal takes, instruments used, or even just how the songs were mixed, while others never appeared on Stereo Left/Right for whatever reason. The last three tracks are separate from the Stereo set – “Black Market Love,” a laid-back song, is purported to be the last song the band ever recorded.

Put together, these demos paint an interesting picture of a band trying a wide variety of sounds and styles – alternative, hardcore, shades of punk. The quality isn’t always there, and some of the songs aren’t too great, but all of the songs scream out for potential that was never realized, and it’s frustrating and disappointing that The Rosewood Fall never got the recognition they deserved.

The Rosewood Fall is an alternative rock band, one that was unfortunately overlooked during their time as an active group. I’ve always greatly appreciated their music, and I’m glad that I had the opportunity to spread their music around to a wider audience, if only a little bit.


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