CryoShell 2014, by CryoShell

Released February 23, 2014

By the end of 2013, all hope of seeing a follow-up to CryoShell had dissipated, at least in my mind.  No news, a horribly staggered worldwide release, and the empty promise of a reissue featuring the two songs the band had put out the year before all added up to a band that appeared to no longer exist.

Then, out of nowhere, this.

A new YouTube channel with a single video – a rehearsal of “No More Words,” marked as the fifth rehearsal of that song.  Recorded in late 2013 after Christine Lorentzon’s return to the band, the video was noted to be a sneak peek at a set of rehearsal videos from the same session, with the implied promise that the rest of the videos would be released, and maybe even something more than that.

Instead, it’s been nearly a year since the video’s release, and nothing.  No new music, no more rehearsal videos, nothing.  Back to radio silence.

The performance itself is a nice one.  Quieter and a little more subdued than the studio version, “No More Words” features instrumentation well-suited to the acoustic treatment this rehearsal series reportedly brought to the band’s music.  It’s a nice surprise and a lovely performance, but now it holds little more than another empty promise for a return of CryoShell.

The part that frustrates me the most is that this is a brand new YouTube account, “CryoShell2014,” and they’ve done nothing with it.  One song, one video, and silence.  Not even reuploads of their old videos.  So, here we are, back where we were in mid-2013, months after the last songs the band release, back in 2012 following a two year wait after their debut album.  It’s a shame.



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