CryoShell @ The Lounge, by CryoShell

Broadcast June 2010

On the eve of their album’s release, CryoShell appeared on Danish talk show The Lounge, where they performed an acoustic version of “Trigger” and followed up with an interview.

The song itself is a nice rearrangement, scaling the track down significantly, using only guitar, chimes, and Lorentzon’s voice.  Overall, it conveys a different message compared to the loud, bombastic studio version, and this is, of course, much more appropriate for what appears to be a morning talk show.

The interview is a bit more revealing.  The band discusses their formation, pulled together by LEGO for the purposes of creating music for the BIONICLE line.  Kasper Søderlund notes that the band did not pick Lorentzon as their vocalist, but he agreed with the decision that the company made, which I found interesting.  It gives the impression that CryoShell is a band formed essentially by committee, that has managed to stay together and work on more original music.  The interviewer also emphasizes that they are a band of the Internet – no radio promotion, no live shows, nothing but mp3s downloadable for free through the BIONICLE website and a couple videos on YouTube.  This is true, of course, and likely proved to be a significant obstacle in regards to promoting their music through more traditional media, including this talk show.  I believe this appearance was just about the only promotion the band managed prior to the album’s release; if they did anything else, I’ve never seen it.

Also, the interview is in Danish, because they’re in Denmark.  The video above is subtitled, but the audio itself is over a second out of sync, so try not to watch the video, and just focus on the subtitles.



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