Covers & Rare, by Audioslave


Unofficial compilation

I’ve never really been a fan of unofficial live compilations like this one. I get the intent of them – hey, guys, look, here’s every single song your favorite band has ever played! – but their unofficial nature and the frequently awful quality of the recordings means they’re not really as worthwhile as one might think.

I don’t even remember the other tracks in this compilation – I’m fairly sure that the “Rare” half encompassed the band’s few b-sides in “We Got the Whip,” “Turn to Gold,” and the Funkadelic cover “Super Stupid,” but that’s all I can think of. Maybe some Rage tracks too. Like, Rage tracks covered by Audioslave, not just randomly thrown in there.

In any case, these two covers aren’t bad. The quality of the recordings likely plays this up more, but both feel like a grunge take on the White Stripes and Rush, with Cornell’s raspy, blown out voice complimenting the muddy, murky guitar and bass tones in these tracks. There’s not much in the way of structure changes or added flourishes – for the most part, these are straight covers, leaving little to the imagination. They were probably cool to hear in a live setting, but for a compilation like this, they’re tracks that are best listened to once and then never again.


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