DVD Special – Box Car Racer DVD, by Box Car Racer


Released November 5, 2002

Main feature 15 min, 54 sec

I’m not going to lie to you – this is a filler post because I had nothing else ready for Saturday. The posting schedule has been kicking my ass, because I started this blog when I went on campus for class once a week, not four times a week. I’ve thought about cutting down to three posts during the regular week while keeping the Specials intact, but I’ve been pushing that idea to the backburner now that the blog’s getting higher amounts of regular traffic. Yeah, I’m all about those view counts. Not that I’m making anything off of this anyway.

So here we are, talking about Box Car Racer. No, not the album that I just linked to as an incredibly cheap plug – Box Car Racer DVD, as the spine of the case says.


First off, really? Box Car Racer DVD? Couldn’t come up with a better name, Tommy boy? Jesus.

Box Car Racer DVD saw its release in the tail end of 2002, combining the band’s two music videos with a brief feature discussing the purpose of the band and showing behind-the-scenes footage from both music videos and interviews intercut with footage of the band’s first show, performed before any music had been released from the project. The DVD, alongside the band’s only studio album, essentially functions as the total package of Box Car Racer – if you bought both of these, you have everything the band has ever done. So that’s cool, I guess.

Except for the fact that the DVD’s entire contents combined are shorter than an episode of Friends. Seriously. The main feature is about 16 minutes, “I Feel So” is three and a half, and “There Is” is three. That’s just under 23 minutes, which is pretty much how long an average episode of Friends is. Imagine buying a single episode of Friends on DVD for like fifteen dollars. Better make sure it’s a damn good episode.

But this is what happened in the pre-YouTube era. Where were they going to put their music videos up for their fans to see on-demand? Their website? How? Quicktime? No, DVD compilations were the way to go. Audioslave did the same thing, despite having been a band for like ten minutes in 2002. At least BCR was courteous enough to put together a (self-important, overly pretentious at times) featurette for the DVD to make it at least a little worthwhile.

But it’s still not, so that’s that. I’m glad I bought it for like a dollar on Amazon, because it’s not worth any more than that. And I’m glad YouTube exists so that stupid releases like this don’t have to happen any more.



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