Chrono Trigger, by Sons of Magdalene


Released 2010

2 min, 36 sec

There’s not much to say about this one. Sons of Magdalene is a band that we’ll cover in depth when we reach their debut album Move to Pain. In the meantime, think of it as an alternate pathway for Josh Eustis, a way to take what made Telefon Tel Aviv great and separate it from the immensely heavy baggage that name now carries. A solo project, if you will.

This song popped up on Sons of Magdalene’s Soundcloud in, I believe, 2010. That’s all the context I have for it – it was pulled down when Move to Pain became a thing that was definitely happening, so I don’t even remember if that’s the right year.

It’s simple – “Corridors of Time” is a piece of music from the game Chrono Trigger, remixed here by Eustis using the sound pallette of modern electronica as a replacement for the 8-bit soundscapes of the original game. The song’s melodies and rhythms are all intact; the main addition is a bit of percussion underneath, to give the track a stronger tempo. It’s a good remix that keeps the spirit of the original track while still fitting into what would become Sons of Magdalene’s eventual distinctive sound.

iTunes, A to Z returns to a regular schedule on Monday.


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