Carry On Your Youth, by delofamilia


Released June 11, 2014

31 min, 8 sec

Carry On Your Youth has the shortest turnaround of any delofamilia album to date, breaking the two-year cycle the band had been on since its inception in 2007. Perhaps because of this quick release, however, it feels less essential than previous albums – spinning its wheels, almost.

I don’t have a lot to say about this album, so I’m going to use this post to express a thought I had regarding bands like this, whose sound occasionally fails to evolve. Musically, Carry On Your Youth has a “darker” sound to it, relying on minor scales and the lower range of its sounds to maintain this throughout; this is a lot like eddy and Spaces in Queue before it (and I know we haven’t covered either of those yet; we will), and that’s not necessarily bad, even if it makes for an expected, predictable listen. But there are always bands like that, and they’re great.

Take Matt & Kim, for example. Matt & Kim and Grand could be shuffled together, and, if sequenced properly, no one would know that it was two albums. Same for Sidewalks and Lightning. The duo trades on a distinct sound that doesn’t change, and that’s what makes them popular and successful. Nickelback does this, too, and it’s why they continue to make music despite popular opinion being that they’re absolutely awful. They may be awful, but they know what people will buy, and they’ll keep putting that shit out for the rest of time as long as people keeping buying it.

So this is what delofamilia feels like it’s doing, even as Rie fu continues to evolve and morph as a solo artist. Maybe it’s because she doesn’t have musical control in delofamilia – maybe it’s because she doesn’t feel the need to change things in that band. In any case, it results in solid, consistent albums that can be sequenced together as one big playlist and still sound pretty good to listen to.

I do hope that they might be able to break out of that someday. Rie fu continues to demonstrate in her solo work that she’s fully capable of it, and hopefully that reinvention will cross over into delofamilia down the line.


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