Bye Bye Babylon, by CryoShell


Released July 27, 2009

3 min, 41 sec

(Bonus post because it’s a short one; apologies for how late it is.)

“Bye Bye Babylon” is notable more for what it signaled than the song itself.

The song is good – more of CryoShell’s signature hard rock sound mixed with synthesized orchestral strings. The song was written and released to promote the fourth BIONICLE movie, The Legend Reborn, the first BIONICLE film in four years, following 2005’s Web of Shadows. The Legend Reborn is the only film to be part of the mostly-separate 2009-2010 story of BIONICLE, following the end of the story that had been running since 2001. I haven’t watched it, as I had mostly tuned out of BIONICLE by the time that film came out, and I wasn’t really pulled in by the other three films. I’ve heard it’s alright, at least.

More importantly, however, “Bye Bye Babylon” was CryoShell’s iTunes debut, marking the beginning of a shift in focus for the band, away from simply being “The BIONICLE band” as they had been known before. Though it would be several months before the group followed up, “Bye Bye Babylon” was a foot in the door, and would see a re-release twice in 2010 – once as part of the Creeping in My Soul EP in January (that acted as a teaser for CryoShell later that year), and, of course, as part of CryoShell. The version of the track on those two albums features an extended guitar solo as part of its bridge, but is otherwise unchanged.

“Bye Bye Babylon” acted as a sort of canary release, testing the waters for a future set of iTunes releases that eventually came at the end of 2009 with “Creeping in My Soul,” the EP of the same name in January, and CryoShell by the end of the year. With “Bye Bye Babylon,” CryoShell had finally begun to establish itself as a legitimate band, branching out from being attached to LEGO.


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