A Bunch of Stuff, by LCD Soundsystem


Released September 18, 2007

50 min, 52 sec


So, one of the main frustrations with the format of iTunes, A to Z is that the alphabetical list will often not allow me the opportunity to properly establish how I feel about a given artist. Take Bruce Springsteen, for example – in my very first post on Springsteen, I had to shit on him for releasing a lazy piece of garbage for Record Store Day, as opposed to talking about how he is one of my favorite artists of all time. The same thing happened with LCD Soundsystem – I had to turn the post about “All My Friends” into a discussion on how I’m an obsessive piece of hipster trash and need to own everything a band has put out in some form or another.

My thoughts on LCD Soundsystem will not be coming around until at least LCD Soundsystem, and L is a long, long way away from B. So, instead, we’re here with A Bunch of Stuff, an album that I absolutely don’t fucking care about, and I’ve got to find a way to make an entire post that is, at least, tangentially related to it.

Fun writing prompt.

One of the things that infuriates me about LCD Soundsystem is their insistence on releasing extra music across too many worthless albums, often mixing up the track lists so that the same track will appear on three different releases alongside different tracks, so you’re stuck buying literally everything the band shits out if you want something complete.

A Bunch of Stuff is a digital-only EP that exists only in the U.S. market because LCD Soundsystem felt no need to release the single for “Someone Great,” which contains every track on this EP except for the Franz Ferdinand cover, in the U.S., instead opting to release it literally everywhere else. At least this release invalidates the “Someone Great” single because A Bunch of Stuff has the Franz Ferdinand cover as an exclusive.

Wait, what’s that? The Franz Ferdinand cover is already on the “All My Friends” single?

Who would have fucking guessed?

This is the kind of shit I’m talking about. What’s the fucking point of having all these worthless EPs clogging up your discography? LCD Soundsystem isn’t even on a major label – James Murphy, the band’s frontman, runs the fucking label they’re on. DFA operates in every major market in the world; LCD Soundsystem doesn’t have to bother with international label bullshit, but they still do the same garbage that major labels do. Unbelievable.

There’s even a release specifically titled Confuse the Marketplace, which is a 12” single featuring all of 45:33‘s b-sides, which are already available in the U.S. on the 45:33 CD. Why is this happening?

Not to mention the fact that A Bunch of Stuff is just a bunch of shitty remixes.

Maybe that’s an unfair assessment – LCD Soundsystem sits in a genre where remixes are a huge part of a band’s marketability, and having a thousand versions of one song is a great way to appeal to every club in the entire world. That’s the point of these remixes.

It doesn’t really save them from being boring, overly long remixes, but then again, these aren’t songs you sit down and listen to in order to review for a blog. You listen to them in the club when you’re dry-humping someone you’ve never met before. So, I guess, in that case, mission accomplished. 10/10, would grind on a stranger again.

I think I may just have a thing against remixes. Particularly in the rock genre, they feel like low-effort cash grabs, something a band slaps together because they want a stopgap album to stay in the public view, maybe in some sort of nice limited edition package to swindle more money out of their adoring fans. There are very few remix albums that I can say are consistently high-quality – likely countable on one hand.

A Bunch of Stuff is not on that list.

For me, the EP’s only true redeeming quality is the Franz Ferdinand cover of “All My Friends.” What happens when you take a fantastic song and get a good band to cover it? Shockingly, it turns into a great cover. Man, that’s a real head-scratcher. Maybe they should’ve done this instead of having five tracks all featuring the same shitty Moog drum sample under the studio versions of the songs.

Alright, I’m getting way too snippy. A Bunch of Stuff is woefully unessential, like most of LCD Soundsystem’s catalogue outside of their studio and live records, which is a huge shame, because this band is fantastic in every other aspect.

Too bad they broke up.


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