Breakout, by CryoShell


Released December 9, 2012

3 min, 16 sec

CryoShell went dormant following the release of CryoShell in 2010. In a lot of ways, it felt as though the band released that album as a swan song, following the end of the BIONICLE line in January of that year. They’d made a variety of promises and tentative plans regarding international releases and tours, but none of them came to fruition, and the band faded from view by the end of the year.

And then, essentially out of nowhere, two new songs surfaced, on YouTube and on iTunes. A new version of “Gravity Hurts” premiered on CryoShell’s YouTube channel in January 2013, while “Breakout,” a brand new song, was released on iTunes at the end of 2012.

These two tracks feature Tine Midtgaard on lead vocals instead of Christine Lorentzon; Lorentzon left the band on maternity leave in November 2011, and Midtgaard, fresh out of The X Factor, replaced her for all of 2012. “Breakout” was written prior to Lorentzon’s departure, but was not recorded until she had already left.

The song is a little lighter, instrumentally, than songs on CryoShell; the song has a brighter feel to it. The lyrics are in line with that album, however, and it has the overall feel of a b-side or an outtake. Because BIONICLE had already ended by the time of the song’s writing, it features no direct ties to the franchise in its lyrics; it was, however, used in the Hero Factory television series based on the eponymous LEGO toyline succeeding BIONICLE for a two-part special named, appropriately, “Breakout.”

It’s a good, solid rock track, like most of CryoShell’s catalogue, and Midtgaard does a serviceable job in the less-than-envious position of emulating Lorentzon’s voice. They’re not necessarily interchangeable, but Midtgaard does seem like she’s stifling her own voice’s nuances in favor of maintaining Lorentzon’s vocal style. In any case, she is a good vocalist, and serves the song well.

CryoShell has returned to dormancy in the wake of these two tracks, and the last indication that new music was on the way was in October 2013, with the vague notion of “playing around with ideas and sounds.” Hopefully, those ideas and sounds will resolve into an album, and the band will finally be able to establish themselves properly on the international stage.


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