State of the Blog Address

What a melodramatic, obnoxious title, right?

So, we’ve been at this for a little under two months.  In that time, we’ve covered forty-four albums in my iTunes library.  We’ve only missed, I think, three Thursdays, which is pretty good, considering that I figured that this blog would be abandoned by week 2.

Upcoming plans aren’t too extensive – I don’t like to plan too far ahead, but the next few weeks of Specials are lined up and planned out, since we’ve got some nice coinciding posts to work with.  I’ll tell you right now that next week’s Specials are both related to Broken, by Nine Inch Nails.

I’m happy with where the blog is, for the most part.  We’ve got a couple of regular readers, based on the stats, and particularly from the two people who have explicitly followed the blog (thanks, guys).  Massive growth?  No.  But this is a personal project, not a blogging machine built to monetize content.  For a project like this, any readers should be considered a success, and I definitely would call it a success.  Maybe we’ll have some more growth as the blog diversifies in the genres and artists it covers during our journey through the depths of my iTunes library.

If you have any suggestions for Specials content, please, don’t hesitate to leave comments on the posts.  Or, even if you’ve just got general suggestions, or want to tell me that I’m shit and I need to git gud, go ahead and do it.  Maybe I’ll listen.

We’ll be riding out the rest of the year on a mostly regular schedule, up until the week of Christmas and New Year’s, where the regular schedule will likely cease to exist.  I’ll post when I can, but there should be no expectations from the 21st to the 2nd.

On that note, tomorrow’s Special is going to be a monster of a post, and I anticipate it outclassing the combined Beyoncé posts in length.  With pictures, too!  Because of that, it will probably run later than usual, but hopefully it will be up before 10 pm.  I’m aiming for 7.

See you then.


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