Shameless Self-Promotion Special – Halftime Magazine, November/December 2014

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Hey, guys.

So, if you’re not following me on Twitter (understandable, honestly), then you may not know that I write for Halftime Magazine, a magazine focusing on all aspects of the marching arts.  I’ve been writing for them since the May/June issue earlier this year, and my presence in the magazine has grown appropriately.

This month, I wrote the cover feature – that’s right, the one slapped across the front of the magazine.  A big deal, to be sure.  As such, I’m spreading it around pretty aggressively, because I think it’s alright for me to be pretty damn proud of this one.  You can purchase the November/December issue here for just $0.99, and if you like what you read, whether it’s my article or not, you can get a 1-year subscription (6 bi-monthly issues) for just $4.99.  I think that’s a pretty good deal.

I’m not big on shilling things across every possible platform.  This blog in particular will not see many Halftime Magazine posts – six a year, I promise.  That’s because that’s how many issues come out in a year.  Plus, this is a music blog, and Halftime is a music magazine, so it’s fine, right?

In any case, I’d really appreciate it if you gave at least this issue a look.  Not for any financial reasons – it’s a dollar – but just because I’m proud of this article, and I’m proud of the magazine in general, because I think it’s high-quality writing all around.  Give it a read.

And, later today, if you want to read something else, do I have a treat for you: BEYONCÉ, the album.  That’s right, two specials today!  It must be your birthday.

Anyway, thanks, and hope you’re enjoying iTunes, A to Z.  I’ve heard it’s not so bad.


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