Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney, by Epic Rap Battles of History


Released October 12, 2012

3 min, 8 sec

You ever buy a thing as part of a fad, and then just a month later, you’re embarrassed that you did it?

Well, here we are, and I’m reviewing a fucking Epic Rap Battles of History song because I bought it as the 2012 presidential election loomed over us. I can feel you all laughing at me. That’s fine, go ahead, I know at least three of you unironically listen to Cher. It’s not the 1980s any more, kids. Time to let go.


I think calling ERB a fad is incorrect – every song they make gets millions of views without effort, and there’s still a surprisingly high production value in their videos. I think it’s more accurate to call this an “inside fad” – a fad between friends. Kind of like inside memes.

(Spoilers: Because the Internet is on Thursday.  Get hyped.)

In this case, my roommate at the time liked to shove ERB videos in my face whenever he got the chance, and eventually I just subscribed so he would stop doing it. This one in particular was one I found hysterical in the moment, so much so that I actually bought it, which is probably one of the dumbest purchases I’ve ever made. (One of the others is another ERB track, which we thankfully won’t be getting to for a long time.)

There’s not much to tell about the track’s background – Romney had emerged as the One True Republican to attempt to dethrone good ol’ Barry, and ERB did a song about it because why would they ever pass up this opportunity? They might not even be relevant next time a presidential election rolls around.

The song’s good, like most of them are – a lot of great lines that reference most of the biggest issues in the public eye – Romney’s iconic “47 percent of Americans” garbage, Obama’s weird speech tics, cheap shots at each other’s wives, and Lincoln coming back from the dead to lay some sick rhymes on the two of them, carried by an eagle.

Maybe that last one didn’t actually happen in real life. But it was hilarious when it happened in the song.

Like most things on the Internet, I pretty much ignored this about a month after the election was over and Obama emerged victorious, stabbing the pole of an American flag into Romney’s corpse and declaring the country conquered. So that’s that.

Also, ERB released a new video yesterday. Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters. It’s pretty funny.


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