at Rie sessions, by Rie fu


Released March 31, 2010

40 min, 1 sec

at Rie sessions is easily my least favorite Rie fu album, and it’s just as easy for me to pinpoint why I don’t like it – guest artists.

The album featured Rie taking more direct control of her music career, producing the album herself, and having all of it recorded at her home. Rie is not the problem with this album – the problem is the multitude of guests she brought in for the album, all of which detract significantly from her own work.

The fact that this is an album steeped in the Japanese music scene makes it difficult to contextualize, and it means that, when I speak of the album, I’m speaking with very little knowledge of how it was made, why Rie decided to put together a collaborative album, and the status of each of her collaborators in the Japanese music ecosystem. All I know is that I don’t like it.

Musically, it’s solid. It sounds similar to URBAN ROMANTIC‘s more “modern” pop/rock sound, featuring much of the same instrumentation. As it turned out, this would be Rie’s last album to have a “traditional” sound; starting in 2012 with the release of BIGGER PICTURE, Rie would take her career in a variety of new directions, redefining herself almost with every release.

That’s all I got. See you later today.


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