Against the Tides, by Stay the Night


Released April 30, 2010

19 min, 20 sec

You know those bands that you discover, that no one else knows about?

I’m not talking about hipsters who crawl through the dark corners of the Internet specifically to find some shitty little band that makes music on, like, a garbage can and a cigar box guitar. I’m talking about when, in the course of your regular internet perusal, you come across a band that you like, and you quickly realize that no one else you know has ever discovered this band. It’s frustrating to an extent – you really love this band, but there’s no one around you that knows them, so you can’t talk about them. To another extent, it’s cool – as if they’re yours, in the sense that they seem isolated, like they’re playing just for you. Obviously, they’re not – especially if you ended up buying their EP from iTunes or something – but that’s how it can feel.

Stay the Night is one of those bands for me. I discovered them because of, of all things, an overblown Tumblr “controversy” in 2011. Someone found out about the band, gave their music like five seconds of listening time, saw a photo of the band, and immediately decided that they were nothing but a Paramore rip-off. Classy, right?

I remember this because Hayley Williams herself, the frontwoman for Paramore, responded to a post she saw about it, tearing down the band’s detractors and declaring her support for them. I saw her post and took a listen.

To be fair, yeah, the lead singer kind of looks like Williams – dyed hair, short stature, adorable face. But it’s a superficial resemblance.

Similarly, Stay the Night sounds like early, All We Know is Falling-era Paramore, except not quite. Against the Tides doesn’t have the hard edge to it that Paramore has, mostly due to the lead singer’s uncrushably positive, upbeat vocals. Even when singing about betrayal, or a lack of trust, her voice conveys hope. In some ways, it detracts from the music, about as much as the incredibly simple rhythms do. But, overall, the vocals and music come together in a great way, creating incredibly catchy pop-punk that always leaves me clamoring for more.

But, alas, there isn’t more. Stay the Night released Against the Tides, followed up with a single after over a year, and dropped off the radar. says they broke up in 2011 – “R.I.P. Stay the Night 2008-2011.” Their MySpace page is desolate, with an album of photos, and just four videos, the most popular one at a whopping 30 views.

Stay the Night is a band that, it seems, never really found anything past local success, and even with the advent of the Internet, local bands can be incredibly hard to follow if you’re not right there in the area. I’ve got a few bands like that – ones that I’ve tried so, so hard to keep in touch with, only to discover that, hey, they haven’t existed for over a year, or three years, or fifteen. (Maybe not that last one.) It’s disheartening, but sometimes, one just has to move on.

So, rest in peace indeed, Stay the Night. A Paramore rip-off, certainly not. You had much more heart than that.


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