Acoustic, by Lights


Released July 20, 2010

17 min, 22 sec

When I first came across Lights, I thought she was just female Owl City – technopop that didn’t really mean anything beyond a cute face and cute voice. Now, granted, a cute voice can be pretty important in regards to enjoying an artist’s work, but I didn’t think anything of Lights’s first album when I heard it.

Acoustic, however, is a different story.

A five-song EP, Acoustic is exactly what one might expect it to be, just Lights singing and playing a quiet, plucky acoustic guitar. Three of the tracks – “River,” “February Air,” and “Saviour” – are pulled from her debut album The Listening. Closing track “Romance Is…” is exclusive to this EP, as far as I can tell. Track three is, funnily enough, a Rancid cover. Interesting choice.

What this EP showed me is that Lights clearly is a talented musician that wraps up her musical prowess in a poppy, upbeat bit of wrapping paper that occasionally turns away opinionated, elitist pieces of trash like me. Lights’s voice is wonderful, her songs are strong and stand on their own when stripped of all production, and this short little EP shows that Lights has much more range than I thought.

That happens a lot to me. Maybe I should work on that whole “super judgemental music snob” deal.

Acoustic prefaced a shift in musical direction with 2011’s Siberia, a decidedly darker album in the electronica spectrum. That one was more in line with what I like, and cemented my position as a Lights fan. We won’t be talking about that one for a long, long while, though.

In any case, Acoustic is a great little EP that served its purpose as a stopgap between studio albums quite well. It’s a good album for when one wants to listen to something simple to pass the time, which I do often.

That Rancid cover, though. That’s badass.


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